Philadelphia Wins Earned Sick Leave

Philadelphia, sometimes we get it right…if even for a short while.

11 out of 17 City Councilors voted to support the Earned Sick Leave bill!

This was not easy for some of them.  They were facing enormous pressure from the business lobby.  In the end, though, they sided with the hundreds of Philadelphians (and more than 60,000 Comcast haters/Sick Leave Supporters from around the country) that called, emailed and tweeted them encouraging them to vote “yes.”

Over the course of the last few months we have heard many people speak in favor of the Earned Sick Leave law and many speak out against it.

Here are some highlights-

Michael Cockrell, a 13 year restaurant veteran, tells how he had to work and bleed for 3 hours…

Chloe Bruton told us today how her mother raised her and for 21 years, never had any paid sick leave.

Here is Chloe and her mom, Victoria Bruton (recently of “Who Wants To Be A Mllionaire” fame)-

It was chaos in City Hall today.  There were a lot of really pissed off city workers there and the shouted Mayor Nutter out of the room.

Due to the security insanity, though, I only heard one other person testify, a member of SEIU.  He talked about ho EVEN THOUGH, he had paid sick leave, he was there to support it out of basic decency.  Good stuff.

We heard from Councilman David Oh and Bill Green on the opposing side.

They business people.  They kept saying that this legislation was going to prevent rich people from creating  jobs.

They want rich people to like them, good enough, but really, they should stop with the sandbox economics stuff.  It is embarrassing.

That is not how it work Councilmen.

Business people to don’t open shop in Philadelphia to “create jobs.”

They open businesses in Philadelphia because their are people whop want to purchase their products here.

The vast majority of workers in our city who do not have paid sick leave are service workers.  People who cut hair, retail workers and people who prepare and serve food.

You could open your haircuttery in Bucks County and your burger joint in West Chester, but guess what you leave behind when you do: all of those Philadelphia customers.  No one is going to take their kids out of town for day care, or travel for 45 minutes for every meal.  That is why their shame-econ doesn’t hold up.  Pretty simple.

Councilman Oh made the exact same case about why we opposed the Living Wage at the airport.  Really, Councilman, you are afraid that employers who will not pay more than $7.25 per hour are going to move their Chickie and Pete’s Communal Tip Theft Jar out of the airport?  Or is it that they will actually relocate the airport out of Philadelphia?

We are all now wondering if Mayor Nutter will veto this legislation again as he did in 2011.

It is also kinda scary to note that two people who want to run for Mayor are also two of the “No” voters, Councilman Green and Councilman Kenney.  Oh no! #NotAnotherNutter !

Both of these City Councilmen have a reputation of being pro-worker.  Councilman Kenney was our champion for the Tip-Protection bill in 2011.   Councilman Green opposed that bill to.  I don’t know why he is said to be “a labor guy.”




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